DEG 16

DEG 16

The tallest building in Barcode.

DEG 16 is an office building that houses several financial and consulting businesses. The facade consist of broken up horizontal forms of aluminum and glass. 


Address: Dronning Eufemias gate 16

Completed: 2011

Architect: DARK Architects.

Size: DEG16 is 24 850 square meters, 25 000 net square meters. It is 67 meters tall and has 17 floors. 

Owner: Braathen Eiendom Bjørvika AS (own 100 %).

Home to: DEG16 is the only multi-use-building in Barcode, and has 25 tenants. The property has room for more than 1000 work places, therein Oslo S Utvikling, Finansforbundet, Ving, Visma and Apeland.