Barcode Challenge - Innmat Nyhetsmagasin OSU april 2016 (3)

1 staircase
303 steps
110 meters

The tower run Hyundai Barcode Challenge is a race to the top of DNB’s western building in Barcode, a speed run the strongest contestants complete in less than one minute.

On the roof top you will find a wonderful view of the city, but you might have to give yourself a few minutes to process the lactic acid before you are able to enjoy the view.

Barcode is the new skyline of Oslo, an urban and spectacular part of the city centre. The Barcode Challenge Tower Run utilize the unique architecture of the area with the race to the top in a straight, diagonal stairwell. Upwards to 400 participants is expected in this sixth edition of the event.

- Barcode Challenge is an action-packed race you absolutely should try out. It is exhausting but it will be over quickly, and you are putting both your strength and stamina to the test, says Matias Lavik from the event organizers Tjalve Sports Club.

The tower run is facilitated to be an active and social happening for the companies in Bjørvika. Participants from the same team or company will get to start in consecutive intervals, and there will be a prize for the best team. The After Run will take place at Nodee Sky, where the chef has composed a three course Barcode Challenge-menu.

- It can be hard to start exercising again after the holidays, but by doing it with your colleagues and friends, and making Barcode Challenge your first goal, you will get the motivation you need. Lavik encourage everyone to challenge their companies to enter in the competition.

Barry’s Bootcamp instructor Amalie Skage will contribute at the event with warm-up, tips and motivation for the participants. She recommends stair exercises in your training:

- Stair exercises can be implemented in everyone’s training. It will give you strength, pace, endurance and power, with the benefit of lower impact forces in your joints. So join in on Barcode Challenge, give it what you got and enjoy!

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