Experience art in Barcode

If you are looking for new art experiences - you have come to the right place.

Barcode is becoming the new hot spot for art in Oslo. The Opera House is just a short walk away, and when the new Munch museum and Deichmanske main library opens in 2010, Bjørvika will be the cultural hub in the city.

In Barcode alone, you will find three recognized galleries that shows art of high quality: Kunsthall Oslo, Shoot Gallery and Munch museum on the move (curated by Kunsthall Oslo). You also find Torpedo art book shop here.

The galleries changes their exhibitions regulary, and short distances between the venues makes it easy to experience all three at the same time.

Kunstkveld i Barcode (11)
Shoot gallery
Shoot gallery_Jonas Bendiksen

Shoot Gallery
This is both a gallery and art dealership, and Shoot Gallery offers the best within norwegian and international photo art. 

– The people that work at Shoot Gallery have backgrounds in art and photography. We want to give all our visitors an exciting experience. Our goal is to convey photo art in a way that is understandable for every person that is curious, says gallerist Helene Gulaker Hansen. She opened Shoot Gallery in Barcode in 2016.

Find the gallery at Trelastgata 17.

Når de døde vågner
Munchmuseet i bevegelse (1)
Kunsthall Oslo (2)

Munchmuseet in movement - Kunsthall Oslo

While we await the opening of the Bjørvika situated new Munch museum, scheduled to 2020,  Kunsthall Oslo curates exhibitions from the museum's Stenersen collection. The exhibitions are historic and contemporary, separate and group in form, with a focus on painting and what you call traditional art. You will be able to see some of the biggest artists from the 1900s, but also ung, norwegian artists.

Address: Dronning Eufemiasgate 34.

Kunstkveld i Barcode (13)
Kunsthall Oslo åpningsutstilling Elisabeth Harr

Kunsthall Oslo

Kunsthall Oslo is an independent venue for experimental contemporary art, showing norwegian and international art. The art hall focus on exploring the art production's social and historical context. The gallery has a range containg exhibitions, concerts, music event, lectures and workshops for children. 

The gallery was the first one to open in Barcode in 2010, as part of Oslo municipality's art plan for Bjørvika. Kunsthall Oslo supports the art scene in Oslo, especially focusing on production of new artworks and connecting the best, young artists with the international art world, and increasing interest for art. 

Address: Rostockgata 2-4.