Get in shape with these boot camps

A new year equals new opportunities, and Sats Elixia Barcode helps you get a kickstart on your workouts.

After a long vacation or hectic periods at work we tend to fall behind on our training. It can be a real ordeal putting on the gym outfit and hitting the treadmill. 

Sats Elixia in Barcode knows what that feeling is like, and wants to help you get a great start to the new year. 

February 1st. marks the start date for two different boot camps. During ten weeks you will be in a joint group that work out with an experienced personal trainer. 

The Lose Weight Boot Camp is the perfect workout for those who seek a challenge, want to burn calories and lose some weight. Each week you and the rest of your team meet with a motivating personal trainer that makes sure you get a tough and effective workout with visible results. 

The Get Fit Boot Camp is the ultimate workout for those who love a challenge, wants to tone their bodies and build muscle. Along with an experienced personal trainer you and the rest of your team will have a fun, hard and effetive workout.

Info about the courses: 10 week course, each session is 55 minutes. Price: 1.995 kroner per course. Participants in each team: 5-12 members. 

Lose Weight Boot Camp starts February 1st. at 7 AM. 

Get Fit Boot Camp start February 1st. at 5 PM.

Available for Sats Elixia members. Register online or via the Sats Elixia app.