Enjoy wellness and luxury in Barcode

Do you long for dropping your shoulders with a massage, freshening up with a new haircut or get back your workout motivation? Barcode offers all of this, as well as a wide range of services in beauty, wellness and health.


Best of You er Barcode's own wellness clinic and offer a range of treatments for women and men. In a relaxing and luxurious setting you can enjoy massages, skincare, hand- and feet treatments. The clinic offers laser treatments, teeth whitening, medispa, waxing and eyelash/eyebrow styling. A professional and friendly team of cosmetic nurses, specially trained skincare professionals and therapists make sure you have a pleasant and soothing time in safe surroundings. 

Best of You also offer good skincare products, suchs as Elixir and Babor.  

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No excuse to not have your hairstyle in order in Barcode! Our two hair salons På Håret and Lean Studio give various possibilites depending on your wishes. På Håret won the price "Hairdresser company of the year" in 2017, and the salon has a competent staff of skilled hair stylists. At Lean Studio you will get a quick fix of high quality, so that you can squeeze in a hair cut during lunch time. 

In Dronning Eufemias gate manager Siw at Vita Exclusive offer the most luxurious brands in makeup and perfume. Siw is a trained makeup artist and will help you find the perfect look for you in the store's own "glam room". 



Workout joy in Bjørvika! That is the goal for all employees at Elixia in barcode. The fitness center is state of the art with amazing facilities and all you need of equipment and classes. 

Whether you exercise or not - long days in front of a computer can give you back trouble, and the therapists at Klinikk for Alle can help you with that. They offer treatments from physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors and naprapat. 

Barry's Bootcamp has arrived in Barcode. Get your pulse up in one of their classes, and enjoy a delicious smoothie when you're done. You deserve it!

Barcode has its own pharmacy - located in Trelastgata. The pharmacists are always prepared to help, and their knowledge will guide you to the products to ease your troubles. 

Enjoy a place to breathe in everyday life in Barcode

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